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Eric Pittman gets results for his clients. Examples of successful cases:


A client came to me with a fourth DUI and while on bond for the fourth DUI was arrested for his fifth DUI too. I went to trial on both DUIs and won each. On DUI number 4, the court acquitted my client even though he had fallen asleep in his car in the middle of the road. On DUI number 5, I proved that his bad driving was due to him being on his phone rather than because he was under the influence of alcohol. His license was not revoked.

A client arrested for a second DUI with her 2 children in the car. She was facing a revocation of her driver’s license and mandatory jail time. She had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.139. The Court forced the State to dismiss the case after granting my Motion to Suppress Evidence because I proved that she was placed under arrest when police took her to station to perform field sobriety tests due to bad weather. The Court agreed that this was an arrest even though she was not handcuffed. The Court ruled that the police did not have probable cause to arrest her.

A client was in a car accident with injuries and was arrested for his second DUI. He also had a 3 year summary suspension. I was able to have the prosecutor throw out the suspension and amended the charge to a reckless driving which saved my client’s driver’s license. He served no jail time and had no community service.

A client arrested for his first DUI worked as a delivery driver for a well known package delivery service. His blood alcohol concentration was a 0.22. By presenting some mitigating factors to the prosecutor I convinced him to throw out the summary suspension so that he would not lose his job.

A client was arrested for her second DUI. Her blood alcohol concentration was well over the legal limit. I spoke to the supervisor of the DUI courtroom and was able to convince him to amend the charge to a reckless driving charge so that her driver’s license was not revoked so that she could take care of her two small children.

In another case, I challenged the summary suspension of a client charged with a DUI. At that hearing I impeached the police officer so effectively that after the Court granted my motion and threw out the suspension and the State dismissed the DUI on its own motion.


A client was charged with Unlawful Use of a Weapon for possessing a loaded handgun in the passenger compartment of his vehicle and Driving While License Suspended. The police officer did not enter the squad car video recording into evidence. I brought a Motion for Sanctions which was granted and resulted in the case being dismissed by the State.

A client was charged with felony Criminal Damage to Property and Battery after a bar fight and my client’s action were captured on video. Even though we had no real defense, I convinced the prosecutor to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor so my client keep a felony off of his record.

A client was charged with Domestic Battery against his roommate. I took the case to trial and even though the arresting police officer and complaining witness testified against my client, the court found him not guilty finding that the witnesses were not credible after I cross examined them.

A client going through a divorce was accused by his wife of punching and choking his 10 year-old child. At the bench trial for his Domestic Battery charges I vigorously cross examined the state’s witnesses. The judge acquitted him without requiring me to put on a defense or forcing my client to testify against his child.

A client was charged with a Weapons Offense. He faced a 60 year prison sentence but was found not guilty at the end of the State’s case due to my vigorous cross examination of the police officers. We did not even have to put on a defense.

A client charged with Resisting a Peace Officer and Aggravated Assault against police officers was found not guilty by the Court because I showed that the police actually committed a Battery against my client. The Court recognized that he properly defended himself.

A client was pulled over for speeding. After the police officer wrote the ticket he asked for, and received, permission to search my client’s car. He found cannabis and drug paraphernalia. The case was thrown out after I won a Motion to Suppress Evidence. The Court ruled that the search was invalid even though my client consented to it.

A client was charged with felony Retail Theft. She was a security guard at the store. Despite the fact that several incidents were captured on video I took the case to trial. The Court found my client not guilty of felony Retail Theft despite the fact that the videotape was admitted into evidence. This was due to my effective impeachment of the witnesses and because I prevented the items that were allegedly stolen from being admitted into evidence.

Every case is unique and the above results do not represent the outcome in every case.

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